Feel Porto at BTL 2019

Feel Porto participated in Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa, BTL (13-17 March 2019).

Goals of BTL

BTL is a national tourism fair that aims to show case the promotion of different touristic destinations, mainly the regions of Portugal as well as small and medium sized innovative companies and service providers in the Tourism segment. In this fair it’s also represented the Employability Grant wich presents the exposure of jobs opportunities in the Tourism sector.

Feel Porto strategy at BTL 2019

This was Feel Porto first participation in BTL 2019 and the fair was divided into two parts, the first three days for the development of B2B relations, with the goal of creating partnerships and promote the connection between Companies, and the last two days it’s open to the general public directed to the sale of Products and Services.

Feel Porto, for this fair adopted a different and enriching strategy, at the first three days, Feel Porto participated only as visitor, seeking market prospecting and establishing strategic partnerships with tourism companies in order to prosper the business. And the last two days, Feel Porto, for the first time, had its own stand, where promoted its core business which is Accommodation as well as Services and Experiences, being congratulated for its innovative concept and high-quality project.

Feel Porto Team at BTL
Feel Porto Team at BTL 2019

Upcoming Trade Shows

Feel Porto will be exhibiting at IMEX 2019, a Corporate Fair, from 21st to 23rd May and we are inviting all related Partners and Companies to visit us – you can find us at the Stand of Portugal. We look forward to meeting you there!

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