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Local Accommodation: 8 Services that enhance your stay

local accommodation

On your family vacation, do you appreciate comfort and total rest? This year, more than ever, are hygiene and safety your priorities? In order for all your needs to be met, there are aspects to pay attention when booking your local accommodation.

The space where you will be staying must have the Clean & Safe seal and have a range of services and amenities suitable for you. If you travel by car, for example, you will need a place to park. If you arrive in the destination city early in the morning, it may be useful to check in earlier.

In this article, we have compiled some services and amenities that you should consider when looking for local accommodation for your next trip. Enjoy a memorable stay!

1. Transfer Service

Arriving at a new destination is sometimes a time of apprehension. Not knowing how the means of transport work and traveling with several suitcases leads many guests to prefer the use of a transfer service, which is more convenient and safer.

When booking your stay, check if the local accommodation company has this service. This ensures that you arrive at the scheduled time wherever you want, whether at the apartment, at a show or at the airport to catch the plane back home.

The transfer option usually exists for individuals and groups and is available upon reservation.

2. Meals Delivery

To make the most of the convenience during your stay, the meals in the apartment are very practical. Always check if the accommodation has breakfast included or if there is a possibility that it will be delivered at the time you want.

At Feel Porto, we have two breakfast menus that we send to our guests at the desired time. We can also take care of the grocery delivery, respecting your shopping list. Fresh fruit, snacks and drinks are the most common orders.

3. Parking

If you travel by car or plan to rent a car to travel on holiday, the existence of a private car park nearby is necessary. This way, you can leave the vehicle safely and use it whenever you want, quickly and comfortably.

4. Cleaning and Laundry Services

The cleaning service ensures your comfort and well-being while traveling and, during a pandemic period, also guarantees greater safety. Do you want someone to take responsibility for keeping the apartment fresh and tidy while you are away? Ask the company to move a cleaning team to the space. This option is usually available on request.

Also, the laundry service usually works along the same lines, taking care of your clothes. Washing and ironing are tasks you will not have to worry about.

5. Access to high-speed Wi-Fi

Nowadays, free Wi-Fi access is extremely valued by guests and is an indispensable service. For this reason, the network should be available in all areas of the local accommodation (and not just in the common areas), with a reinforced signal.

6. Extended Check-In and Check-Out

Whether you arrive at the apartment too early or leave the city only at the end of the day, early check-in and late check-out greatly simplifies your stay. Ask the local accommodation company about staying before 11am or leaving after 3pm.

7. Tours e thematic Experiences

If you want to know more about the city where you are staying (or a region nearby), tours are a very interesting option that you can take into consideration. Organized on foot, by bus or in a private van, always in the company of a guide, they are a relaxed and recreational way to witness the main points of attraction.

Also explore the experience package offered by the space where you will be staying. Several local accommodation companies, such as Feel Porto, offer gastronomic and cultural itineraries and adventure experiences that turn your vacation into an enriching and fun trip.

8. Concierge Service

What if, on your next trip, you don’t have to worry about anything and can just let yourself be guided by those who know the destination like the back of their hand? That’s exactly what the concierge service offered by Feel Porto provides you.

You will have someone dedicated to planning your trip, from the arrival to the return home. The organization and scheduling of transfers, meals, tours and other activities is responsibility of a specialized team. You just have to enjoy it to the fullest!

Did you know that at Feel Porto we offer all the services and amenities described above? Visit our website and discover the multiplicity of accommodations that we offer to meet all the needs of our guests. Make your reservation with us!

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