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7 Holiday homes with a pool or terrace with a Clean & Safe label

holiday home + pool

In the period we are living in, renting a holiday home with everything you deserve to have and relaxing in a beautiful pool can seem risky. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic is something that we must all take very seriously. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a spectacular vacation. With proper precautions on your part and on the accommodation side, 2020 can still provide you with the days of rest you desire.

Our suggestion? Choose the North of the country and privilege the unique region of Douro and the magnificent city of Porto. At Feel Porto, we are recognized with the Clean & Safe guarantee seal. Our accommodations are ready to receive you, completely cleaned and disinfected. For us, hygiene and safety have always been priorities. And now, even more!

What are you looking for this season? Sun, views and outdoors! We got it right, didn’t we? Follow us as we present you the holiday homes that offer all this and more!

4 Fantastic holiday homes with pool

Feel Discovery Douro LAS House, Peso da Régua

1. Feel Discovery Douro LAS House, Peso da Régua

This fabulous detached villa in Sedielos is an authentic dream. With 5 bedrooms and a stunning infinity pool, what could you want more? If you prioritize comfort and quiet, this is undoubtedly the holiday home for you.

The balconies and large glass windows contribute to a unique environment where the surrounding views dominate. You have at your disposal practically everything you need to live as if you were at home.

Feel Discovery Douro Janja, Armamar

2. Feel Discovery Douro Janja, Armamar

The holiday home that perfectly balances a rustic and modern style is waiting for you in Armamar. With a garden, private pool, and barbecue, you will love the moments spent outdoors. Inside the house, the rooms are large and well lit, in an open concept to live and make the most of the space.

Feel Discovery Douro Cherry, Resende

3. Feel Discovery Douro Cherry, Resende

The 3-bedroom villa is 2 km from the center of Resende. Where the infinity pool is queen. And the place is a sanctuary of calm and beauty, equipped with everything it deserves. As if that were not enough, it is located right on the Douro’s bank. Have you ever imagined relaxing in the pool while contemplating the magnificent river landscape? It is safe to say that you will not forget this vacation.

Feel Discovery Maçã Douro, Armamar

4. Feel Discovery Maçã Douro, Armamar

We take a leap back to Armamar to suggest this lovely space. The villa has a more discreet and welcoming style, striving for comfort. Still, it is very spacious and modern. The large swimming pool jumps out at once, as does the extensive apple tree grounds that are part of the property. There is also a complementary T1 chalet. All this on an exclusive basis, at your mercy!

3 Accommodation of choice with terrace

Iconic Nightlife Studio 104, Porto

1. Iconic Nightlife Studio 104, Porto

In the heart of Porto, this well-equipped modern space is perfect for a couple’s getaway. The offer of restaurants, bars and cultural agenda very close to the apartment is immense. The common terrace at the top of the building that oversees a large extension of the Invicta invites you to enjoy the sunset over the city.

Feel Porto Antique Fontainhas, Porto

2. Feel Porto Antique Fontainhas, Porto

Another option for two with a central location, in one of the most dynamic neighbourhoods in Porto. This studio is simple and cozy, great for a few days of pure rest. The terrace is perfect for breakfast, while feeling the neighbourhood waking up. Very close to the accommodation, you can visit the Douro River, Ponte do Infante and Jardim Marquês de Oliveira. Any other point of interest in the city is just a few minutes away.

Feel Porto Panoramic Townhouse, Porto

3. Feel Porto Panoramic Townhouse, Porto

This magnificent 3-bedroom apartment, very functional and attractive, is an irrefutable option to enjoy with family or friends. The large terrace with an unparalleled view is where you will want to spend most of your time.

Start planning your days of rest and fun in a holiday home with a pool or terrace. Get around the obstacles launched by the pandemic and trust only those who guarantee the highest levels of safety and hygiene. Book your well-deserved vacation in Douro and Porto with Feel Porto!

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