Discovering nature: Tour at National Park Peneda-Gerês

National Park Peneda-Gerês

For those who love nature and adventure, Feel Porto offers an unforgettable experience in one of the most admiring places of the country. If you’re planning to visit the North of Portugal, don’t miss the opportunity to stay in one of our accommodations and enjoy a one-day tour to National Park Peneda-Gerês.

Considered by UNESCO a Nature Biosphere Reserve, Gerês is one of the main natural attractions of the country. It covers an area of 172.000 acres (70k ha) that includes the preservation of soil and water, fauna, flora and landscape.

Perfect for a trip with your friends, this is one of the protected areas in Portugal, where not only nature is valued. Another great attraction in Gerês are, for example, the roman roads that once connected portuguese and spanish cities.

If you choose the National Park Peneda-Gerês tour, you have nothing to worry about. Our team will be in charge of every little detail, like transport, planning and travel management.

Be ready for the adventure at National Park Peneda-Gerês

Like all experiences organized by Feel Porto, the National Park Peneda-Gerês tour was specially planned for you. Our guides carefully set everything to improve your stay in Porto.

To prepare yourself, please know that the tour to National Park Peneda-Gerês will take all day and counts with 5 strategic stops:

1. Fojo dos Lobos

After leaving Porto, we will first stop at Fafião. At this little community village, you will find Fojo dos Lobos – a granite structure that symbolize the truce between population and the Iberian wolf. Last used in 1948, the structure was built to trap the wolves.

2. Tahiti Waterfall

We’re sure you’ve already heard about the one that’s probably the most famous waterfall of National Park Peneda-Gerês. After a quick pause in a coffee shop at the village, we will go after the crystal-clear water of Tahiti Waterfall, also known as Fecha de Barjas.

Our guides ensure complete safety if you respect all their recommendations. The overview is amazing and there is nothing more refreshing than a morning dive in Rio Arado.

3. Pedra Bela Viewpoint

Located at 2624 feet high, Pedra Bela’s view is breath-taking. From the viewpoint you can see Albufeira da Caniçada, rivers crossing the mountain, a large green area and also Portela do Homem waterfall.

Right there, you can enjoy a delicious picnic specially prepared by our guides. In case you have any food restriction, you should let us know in advance.

4. Geira Trail

Ready for some hiking? Geira trail has about 9 miles and starts at Portela do Homem, on the Spanish border. At National Park Peneda-Gerês tour, you can walk all the trail while passing by refreshing lagoons, unbelievable photographic scenarios and, luckily, some wild horses.

5. Torneros

After a good walk, is there anything better than a hot bath in Torneros thermal waters? That’s exactly how your adventure in Gerês will end. Don’t forget to put a swimsuit in your bag because you will need it in this trip from the beginning until the end. 

If you are in your way to Portugal and you are looking for adventure in a natural environment, book now your tour to National Park Peneda-Gerês. To join this experience, you only need to worry about taking with you comfortable clothes and lots of energy. On our way back, we will ensure you have a worthy comfortable rest at our apartments in Porto.  

If you need help to plan the rest of your trip, please contact us and our team will make everything for you to have an unforgettable and safe stay. Visit our website and discover other Feel Porto experiences.

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