Adventure activities: Oporto buggy tour

Adventure activities Porto

At first, you can think that Oporto has nothing to do with adventure activities but, a few miles from the urban euphoria, you can enjoy an unique experience that will increase your adrenaline.

If you love adventure activities, please know that at Feel Porto we create the perfect tour for you. The Oporto Buggy Adventure Tour is one of our experiences portfolio and will make a difference during your stay.

We invite all of our guests that are looking for adventure activities in Oporto to join us in a short trip to Baltar, where they can meet the true nature of Oporto district.

In a different trip, that could last 60, 120 or 180 minutes, the team responsible for the tour will provide you an experience full of adrenaline, emotion… and mud!

For whom is the Oporto Buggy Adventure Tour?

Anyone that loves adventure activities, carries a driving lesson and is staying at Feel Porto apartments can try. The Buggy Adventure Tour is a perfect experience to do with friends and family and will provide you a lot of fun moments.

Each buggy can take two individuals and is prepared for different kinds of roads, tree grounds and obstacle courses. To guarantee the best experience, every tour guide’s instructions should be followed.

Besides security, we also indicate what you should wear. It is recommended the use of comfortable sport clothes, regarding the fact that none will survive this wild adventure.

To comfortably return to your apartment, we provide a spot at the tour starting point where the group can change their clothes.

If you’re travelling with your kids and you’re looking for a family experience that includes adventure activities in Oporto, please know that Feel Porto has some amazing offers for you. Kids older than 7 years old can do the buggy tour and younger children must be assisted by our team members.

To satisfy your passion for adrenaline, all Buggy Adventure Tour routes include rough lands at the mountain range of Oporto, different types of obstacles and lots of mud puddles. All you need is to put your hands on the wheel, press your foot down and keep your eyes on the road.

Know how to book your radical adventure in Oporto

If you’re planning your stay in Oporto and you would like to include some adventure activities in your vacations, go to our website, pick an experience and talk to our team.

The buggy activity has 3 different tours. Discover our packs and choose the right one for you:

Adventure Tour

During 60 minutes, you will do a short road with all the emotion required. You will have the opportunity to explore rougher lands, feeling a lot of adrenaline and also some technical difficulties.

Price: 60€/buggy

Cross Country

Challenging trails will take you to different villages of the region, as you walk around 25 miles along 120 minutes. Go on an adventure at the mountain range of Oporto and discover the culture of Quintadona and Castro do Monte Mozinho villages.

Price: 100€/buggy

Buggy Tour

During 180 minutes, you can enjoy a radical walk that will take you to the shakedown of Portugal’s Rally. The tour also includes the visit to Castro do Monte Mozinho, Museu da Broa and Quintadona’s village.

Price: 120€/buggy

Are you travelling to Oporto and will be staying in one of Feel Porto’s apartments? Please know that our team will do everything so you can have an amazing stay. Besides the comfortable accommodation options, we also have a large set of experiences – adventure, culture, nature, well-being and lifestyle – to complement your visit. Go to our website and discover all of our offers.

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